Moving Packing Service

Would you like to use a packing service when moving? You can let us pack all your belongings at a low cost. This way you have a carefree move.

We can come and pack for you. In consultation, this is possible on the moving day or earlier. We would like to come and have a look in advance so that we can estimate how much it is, what is needed and how long it will take approximately.

If you want to pack it on the moving day itself, book it well in advance.

Packing is done at your own risk.

Costs moving packing service

If you let us pack, we charge our normal hourly rates.

This is € 32,50 per person per hour during the week and € 45 per person per hour at the weekend.

The first 2 hours are full (first 3 with 3 or more movers), after that we calculate the movers per quarter of an hour.

This way you never pay more than what is actually being worked. Keep in mind that the travel time there and back to the office counts as working time.

Additional costs packing service

If we come to pack on a day other than the moving day, we also charge call out/ start fee. For within Amsterdam this is € 30.
Costs for outside Amsterdam are on request.

All prices quoted are ex-VAT.

Packing service: save yourself time when moving and let us pack your things.
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