Moving Tips

Moving tips

Make sure everything is packed well

As much as possible in boxes, because they are easily stackable in the van. Make sure to not only pack books and dishes in one box. Otherwise these become too heavy. A box should not weigh more than about 20kg. Make sure the boxes are filled up to the handles, so they can still be lifted. Or not more than 3/4th if there are no handles in the box. Fragile items should be provided transport worthy. For instance, you could use bubble plastic for this. It is useful if all the furniture that can be disassembled, is dismantled in advance. This saves space in the van, so the furniture is easier to carry/hoist. IKEA cabinets can’t be transported if they are not disassembled.

Make sure everything is ready to load

It is advisable to put everything ready (at the door/window which your belongings will pass through) in the order in which it will be loaded into the van. Meaning: Big items first, and then the small items.

Turn off the refrigerator 24 hours in advance

If you turn off the refrigerator 24 hours before transport, it is more or less dry and transportable. The refrigerator is filled with coolant. It’s better for the refrigerator to leave it still for 24 hours after the transport before turning it on again.

Disconnecting the washing machine

Unplug the machine and make sure water can’t spill out of it during transport. You can prevent this by disposing the water as much as possible beforehand, and tape the water hose to the washing machine with the end up.

Cash payment at the end of the job

Unless the customer presents a company, the payment should be made in cash at the end of the job. Please provide the appropriate amount of money in cash. We can make an estimation before your removal.



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