Our advantageous rates

There is a minimum take off of 2 hours with 2 movers or more or on weekends.

Within Amsterdam we charge 30 minutes to drive from and back to our office again. Outside Amsterdam we charge the actual drive tome leaving our office untill we’re back at our office after the job.

Prices for busses S – M – L

Standard prices are applicable per ride from A to B within Amsterdam.
You won’t pay per hour for the bus so it doesn’t cost you while the truck stands still and is being loaded.

Movers are rented seperatly.

Bus S (10 m3)
At least 1 mover (=driver) required.  
small oneman   € 45,- per ride.

Bus M (15 m3)
At least 2 movers required.  
medium 2menBox   € 65,- per ride.

Bus L (20 m3)
At least 3 movers required.  
large 2men-wheels oneman   € 90,- per ride.

1 FREE operator included  
lift_icon liftman   starting € 65,-.

  Every combination possible  
2men-wheels 2menBoxonemanliftman   Prices on request

Prices are excluding 21% VAT.


Our movers are € 30,- per men per hour during weekdays and € 35,- per men per hour on weekends. There is a minimum take off of 2 hours with 2 movers or more or on weekends. After that we round up the work time per quarter (€ 7,50/€ 8,75).

Additional address within the same place

€ 15,- per extra address within the same place.


On the moving day you can have a special insurance for transporting goods at our insurer.
You pay a premium of € 155,- to the insurance company.

Your household goods are insured on the moving day to a value up to € 86.207,-.

There is an own risk/excess for the customer of € 250,- per event.

The extent of the damage to the goods is set at amounts as mentioned below.

  1. New value, the new value is the amount that is immediately needed for the damage to purchase new items of the same type and quality.

  2. Current market value, for goods whose current market value prior to the event was less than 40% of the new market value or that were withdrawn from the use for which they were intended. The current value is the replacement value after deduction of an amount due to depreciation due to aging or wear.

  3. Antiquarian or rarity value, for works of art, antiques or collections. The antiquarian or rarity value is the value that it has been assigned by experts prior to transport for works of art, antiques or collections.

  4. If the damaged items can be repaired, the insurer will reimburse the repair costs increased by a value reduction caused by the damage and not canceled by the repair but not higher than a in accordance with 1 and 2 determined amount.

The insurance does not cover packing and / or (de)assembling the goods. This is done at your own risk. Of course you can also choose not to take the insurance. In that case your things are not insured during the move.

If you do want to make use of this insurance, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can send you the policy conditions and the application form.

This form must be completed and sent to the insurer as quickly as possible, the latest 2 weeks before the moving date.


* All prices are excluding 21% VAT.
* When making a reservation, you agree with our terms and conditions terms and conditions
* For information, moving to/from other cities, quotations and other questions, please contact us.
* (Dis)assembling on request only, provided you have the required tools.
* We have also moving boxes. You can order them and pick them up in advance.

Wij nemen standaard mee (zonder extra kosten):

  • Touw en blok
  • Hijsnet (waardoor meerdere items tegelijk getakeld kunnen worden)
  • Pinautomaat
  • Hondjes (plankjes op wielen)
  • Verhuisdekens
  • Steekwagens (op de auto’s van 15m3 en 20m3)

Verhuizen is dus simpel met de Vrachttaxi

  • Goedkoop verhuizen in regio Amsterdam
  • Meubeltransport of transport van een aankoop
  • Interne verhuizingen of het leveren van losse verhuizers
  • Kunst-transport
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