Our advantageous rates

Prices for busses S – M – L

Standard prices are applicable per ride from A to B within Amsterdam.
You won’t pay per hour for the bus so it doesn’t cost you while the truck stands still and is being loaded.

Movers are rented seperatly.

Bus S (10 m3)
At least 1 mover (=driver) required.
small oneman € 45,- per ride.

Bus M (15 m3)
At least 2 movers required.
medium 2menBox € 65,- per ride.

Bus L (20 m3)
At least 3 movers required.
large 2men-wheels oneman € 90,- per ride.

1 FREE operator included
lift_icon liftman starting € 65,-.

Every combination possible
2men-wheels 2menBoxonemanliftman Prices on request

Prices are excluding 21% VAT.


Our movers are € 27,- per person per hour during weekdays and € 35,- per hour per person in the weekend. After the first hour, the man-hours of the movers are calculated per quarter. (€ 6,75/€ 8,75).

Additional address within the same place

€ 15,- per extra address within the same place.


You are covered if your belongings are packed transport worthy, with an excess of € 500 for the customer and a maximum coverage of € 3000. This excess can be bought off for € 45 per day. For this you need to have made a reservation first. Using third party helpers/movers is no problem, but you can also no longer use our insurance for any possible damages.
NOTE: If we hoist for you, you CAN’T buy off the excess of € 500,- for the customer! Hoist rope and moving block is entirely at your own risk.

Not insured

*Electrical equipment

Nota bene

* All noted prices are excluding 21% VAT.
* When making a reservation, you agree with our terms and conditions terms and conditions
* For information, fares to and from other cities, quotations and other questions, please contact us
* (Dis)assembling on request only, provided you have the required tools.
* We have also moving boxes. You can order them and pick them up in advance at the Papaverweg 18B, Amsterdam

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